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I’ve got a sneaking suspicion you don’t love research as much as I do. Yeah, I’m peculiar like that. 

Tired of searching for interview subjects for your documentary, TV show or podcast? Let me at ‘em! Need supplemental media like: dash cam videos, 911 calls or surveillance video? My FOIA request is ready for action. Or if your needs aren’t so dramatic and general research is what you’re looking for, I’m more than happy to plumb the depths of the internet on your behalf and take a few tasks off your plate. 

You’ve got a story to tell, but don’t know what to say or how to say it, amiright?

Lucky for you I’m an awesome storyteller, if I do say so myself. Writing content is kinda like dating. It’s all about attracting the right audience, making a connection and building a solid relationship. Whether you need snappy website copy, compelling blog posts, newsletters or bios, I’ll be your fairy wordmother helping you connect with your online community.

Whether you have a small project or a larger production, I’ll create a quirky package personalized just for you!

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